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  “Have a nice day!” This is a common phrase we use...
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Have a Nice Day

October 3, 2015

  “Have a nice day!” This is a common phrase we use to wish others well every day. Yet, Monday, October 5 is “Do Something Nice Day.” Instead of just wishing someone to have a nice day, we are now being urged to help them have a nice day. But what does that really mean? […]

We Get by With a Little Help From Our Friends

September 28, 2015

What would you do if I sang you a tune… Ok, I’m not about to sing a song, but like the Beatles and the late Joe Cocker, I too “get by with a little help from my friends.” Don’t we all? September is all about celebrating friends as it’s National Women’s Friendship Month. In 1999 […]

How to Celebrate Peace and Gratitude with Your Children

September 20, 2015

From major holidays to the bizarre and wacky days of celebration – there’s something to celebrate just about every day of the year. Today is one of those lucky days where we have two really important celebrations to recognize. Today is International Peace Day and World Gratitude Day as recognized by the United Nations. It […]

Dream On

September 11, 2015

It’s Week 1 of Football, which means by now avid Fantasy Football players should have drafted their teams and started their road to glorious victory in the season ahead. If you’re not familiar with Fantasy Football – it’s where football fans draft their own “dream teams” comprised of their favored players from any team in […]

Celebrating Working Men and Women

September 4, 2015

Labor Day is upon us and for many that means a three-day weekend – but what are we celebrating? Let’s explore the meaning of Labor in a special holiday edition of the Weekend Word. la·bor ˈlābər/ noun 1. work, especially hard physical work. 2. the process of childbirth, especially the period from the start of uterine […]

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